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#DateNight #HTTR
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Holly has grown so much in the three months having her. I love my  puppy child
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First Day of School. First Day of School! *finding Nemo voice* 
This is my last Fall first day of undergrad. Bitter sweet.  SENIOR YEAR!!! #utampa #senioryear #firstdayofschool
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Yesterday literally went from Classic and Professional to Laid back and Chill.
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I don’t know if my office is better or weirder than yours… maybe a little of both but it’s Hump Day and we got a camel.
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Even though I’m Florida living, I’ll always be a Maryland girl! #301 #routeoneapparel #maryland #florida #utampa #condo
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Even Holly is helping with our permanent move
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Got the keys and now…..I’M A HOME OWNER!!!!!!! #condo #senioryear #utampa
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Shouting HAPPY  22nd BIRTHDAY to my Spelman graduate, my world travler, my BESTEST FRIEND IN THE WHOLE WORLD. 10/11 years of love, friendship, and awkward random moments. This has been the longest summer together since forever and next month she’s going to Mozambique to continue promoting progress within the world’s society. LOVE YOU NIYA!!!!! @prettyoddniya (yes a wrote a paragraph)
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