WHAT WHAT! Passed my Ballet midterm. 100 points max for each written and practical. Totally got over the max on the practical part thanks to @show_an_telle
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North Carolina its been chilly and Amazing but the warmth and greatness of Tampa is calling me back. #utampa The Last #BonnerCongress @bonnerlove #BonnerLeader #Bonner
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Last night of my last Bonner Congress. @bonnerlove #utampa #senioryear #bittersweetmoment #BonnerCongress #Bonner #BonnerLeader
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Bonner Love!!! @bonnerlove #BonnerCongress #utampa
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Good Morning Bonners! @bonnerlove #Bonner #BonnerLeader #BonnerCongress #utampa
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She might be mentally challenged,  a little cockeyed, and extremely hyper but I love my Holly. Have to remember she just wants to play and snuggle.
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Literally the main reason I went last night was to recreate this picture. Midnight madness freshmen year and Midnight Madness Senior year. We started off not knowing how life would take us and now Quinn’s headed to Law School, Liz js going to Med School and I’m going to Grad School. #utampa #senioryear
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#utampa #midnightmadness #senioryear
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Happy Birthday Chantel!!!!!! @souldechocolate
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Today’s the Day
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